The SED-ED editor application


Welcome to the SED-ED SED-ML editor homepage. SED-ED is a cross-platform Java application to view and edit SED-ML files. It is available in three forms:

  1. As a stand-alone application. [ Download ]
  2. As a plugin for the Systems Biology software suite SBSI.
  3. As an Eclipse plugin.

More detailed installation instructions are available in the tutorial. There is also a PDF download of the tutorial.

There is extensive user help embedded in the application - this is also available online.

Minimum requirements

To run SED-ED, you'll need a Java runtime on your computer, 1.5 or later. To see if you have Java installed, open a Terminal window and type

java -version

If you have Java installed, you'll see a version number. If not, download Java.

More information

The source code for the SED-ED editor is hosted at GoogleCode.

To report bugs and problems, please use this issue tracker.